Treasure Cove is a self-care educational program designed to provide girls ages 12-15 a safe space where holistic healing, emotional restoration, and intimate soul connections are discovered. Through a series of eight weekly engagement sessions, complete with a myriad of skills-building activities, psychoeducation, and demonstrations, our educational program guides adolescent girls to be an asset in our community and change the landscape of adolescent health. The end goal is to teach young women how to reserve time to reset, rest, and get in touch with their physical, mental and emotional selves.

Spring 2021 Program Schedule


Week 1 – Meet & Greet/Introduction to the program

Week 2 – Spiritual Self-Care (self-reflection and forgiveness, meditation & mindfulness, and daily devotional)

Week 3 – Physical Self-Care (Reiki, massage, and reflexology)

Week 4 – Mental Self-Care (art expression, journaling, and aromatherapy)

Week 5 – Emotional Self-Care (self-love, social justice, and forgiveness)

Week 6 – Sensory Self-Care (vision, sound, taste, smell and touch)

Week 7 – Adventurous Self-Care (exertion, balance and exercise)

Week 8 – Completion Celebration

Funding for this program was provided by Neighborhood Connections