StraightCrazi Talks

What is it? A totally different kind of therapeutic experience that’s lighthearted yet candid, fun but I’m not playing with you, and as real as it can get about your mental health and emotional energy. This small group format will tackle anything and everything that is holding you emotionally hostage. From brief responses to deep dives, we will put it out on the table and pull it from underneath the rug. It’s time to heal – safely, creatively, genuinely.

Who is this for? The ideal participant is an individual who’s ready to open their second part of life and shine their light brighter than before. Someone moving from ego into their soul’s purpose after 40 years old and ready to go deeper – even if it means a complete lifestyle change.

When does it take place? First Sunday of the month, giving new meaning to “Communion Sunday”

February 6, 12-2 PM
March 6, 12-2 PM
April 3, 12-2 PM
May 1, 12-2 PM
June 5, 12-2 PM
July 3, 12-2 PM

What will it cost? Six months subscription service, $100 per month. Includes small plate/tapas, beverages, professional guides and emotional support.