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We believe emotional wellness is for everyone and a natural approach to healing can be achieved by anyone. See our menu of services below.

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Emotional  Support & Well-Being

Cultural Arts & Expression

Art and music workshops help you to investigate the emotions surrounding stressful and traumatic events in your life. From digital photography to watercolor painting, dance and movement to traditional crafts, the use of art and music in healing people with addiction and mental or behavioral challenges has transitioned from the realm of busy time activities to a serious component of the wellness strategies practiced by highly trained and fully certified professionals.


Videos: Cultural & Creative Arts with Lawna | “Therapy Journey” 

Healing Circles

Come explore your emotional self while being all “in your feelings.” Healing Circles is a creative, therapeutic, group platform designed to engage your emotional and spiritual body so that you can heal through candid, safe conversation in a family-style gathering that transcends the typical girl talk by diving deeply into each individual’s healing journey. Through a combination of self-discovery tools, such as art expression (and vegan bites), and Lawna’s Healing Circles hosting presence, you’re not only granted access to shoot-the-shit banter but also, you’re drawn closer to your personal truths as Lawna helps you learn to color with a broken crayon. Lawna asks that you pull up a seat at this table of emotional, riveting conversations. Healing Circles is ideal for house parties, brown bag lunch events or social groups.           

Emotional Growth Coaching

This is a holistic approach to developing a healthier lifestyle, mood regulation, and spiritual alignment. Individual or group in-person or virtual sessions help break the emotional and behavioral patterns that may inhibit you from reaching your personal goals. The goal in working with a coach is to gain clarity about your priorities and boundaries and express them with confidence, accomplish more with less stress and effort, unleash natural talents, gain more energy and enthusiasm, and break out of self-defeating behaviors. 

Respite Care

Our Respite Care AirBnB provides a healing space for the beloved community of caregivers. We are a certified independent provider for Cuyahoga County.

Body Work

Massage Therapy/ Healing Touch

We offer a wide array of clinical-style massage services. The body is affected by and holds all our experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Through receiving compassionate touch we release aches, pains, and habitual holding patterns, inspiring renewed vibrancy and appreciation for our physical vessels. The benefits include: increasing circulation, decreasing pain, restoring balance in musculature, decreasing muscle fatigue and soreness, boosting immune function, aiding the body’s natural healing process and decreasing stress.