Meet  Our  Healers

Rebecca King

Rebecca has been practicing Reiki for nearly three years, and credit the modality with saving her life. After many years of living with depression, she was attuned by a reiki master, and began practicing on herself daily. The energy shift that reiki began allowed the light back in, and put her on a journey of healing. Reiki is essentially a harnessing of Universal healing energy, which the practitioner can direct to any physical or emotional areas where you are feeling dis-ease. After just one session, you may feel pain relief, emotional release, or simply just BETTER. Reiki can also be helpful in promoting easier and more restful sleep, as well as opening your energy to receive the abundance that is available to you every single day. 

Dawn Mayes

Dawn is a creative artist that is all about being in touch with her feelings and emotional health! She has a daily practice of self-reflection because she understands first-hand how unresolved emotions can hurt or heal others. She explored this more in depth in 2020 by studying Reiki and all of its benefits she can receive from it.   On her life long journey of learning balance, she became a certified Reiki practitioner so she can help others receive the same benefits and more! She knows that her spiritual gift is healing and wants to share it with the world.

Carmen Melissa Hall
Personal Growth Coach

Carmen Melissa Hall is a Personal Growth Coach who identifies as a “healing agent”, a “transformation specialist,  a “reflective listener”, and “psychological first aid”.  Ms. Hall  specializes in working with women who have suffered from traumatic experiences as well as women who are in transition from one career, one job, one role that they may need assistance with navigating through.  Ms. Hall has worked with women who have experienced mental health challenges, substance abuse as well as human trafficking.  Hall completed her studies in the Masters’ program of Clinical Mental Health at John Carroll University in 2019.  Ms. Hall credits her creative passion to a “divine calling.” She has facilitated a writer’s workshop, hosted several book signings as well as made appearances on radio and other media platforms via interviews. She is a motivator, a mother of five adult children, and founder of And Her Name was Grace, LLC. Carmen currently serves as a Personal Growth Coach who provides services addressing Grief Recovery, Parenting, and Psychoeducation on Anxiety, Depression, and Stress for those who are in transitional spaces in their lives.  Ms. Hall is also a Mediation Specialist for Civil domestic issues.


Ashanti Smith
Massage Therapist

Ashanti describes her style of massage as a ‘soothing flow’. Sessions with Ashanti are essentially a time within yourself, to experience stillness while feeling nuturing/soothing sensations that will deeply relax you. She believes touch is an integral part of our nature, its our first language, needed for emotional balance, human development, in connection with other beings and sensing the world we inhabit. Alongisde pain management massage therapy should be utilized for general well being. Along with being a Licensed Massage Therapist Ashanti’s (current) modalities are: 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher| Certified Usui Holy Fire Reiki 11 practitioner| Certified Thai Yoga Massage practitioner| and Certified Energy Healing practitioner through HonorsYoga.