Meet Our Founder

Lawna Gamble


Lawna Gamble is a formally trained artist, educator, nonprofit manager, published author, motivational healer, and living testament that mental illness is not a personal weakness. She is the founder of Willow Cove Art and Wellness Boutique, which had been her dream since a graduate school internship inspired her to blend her passions for art and healing. Thus, Willow Cove is a combination of her artistic talent, breadth of professional experiences, and fervent interest in the modalities that helped her step into her own mental, physical, and emotional restoration.

For many years, Lawna denounced her own mental health diagnosis. Now, she embraces it as a part of her story and uses it to help her confront issues such as mental health, romantic relationships, social ills, and financial woes in a way that is open, creative, and humorous. She has spent thousands of hours both in therapies and providing counsel, which has allowed her to experience life transformation in its most organic forms. She brings that wealth of knowledge, understanding, and experience to her clients, who range from teens to elder adults. Lawna connects deeply with each person she touches to help them find their own path to understanding and healing.

Art remains at the core of Lawna’s work. She has sold many works and crafted numerous portfolios that include abstract pastels, textiles, and graphic design, and she helps others tap into their creativity for personal exploration and recouperation. Her core services spring from her “Draw Your Life” philosophy—where art and healing intersect—and include a journaling club, small group coaching, and one-on-one emotional support counseling. She produces a meditative art series, hosts open studio hours, and leads “Small Plates, Big Talk” conversations that focus on the power of food and language to soothe our souls.

Lawna received her undergraduate degree from Spelman College and master’s degrees from Case Western Reserve University and the Adler Graduate School. She is also certified in curriculum development for youth with socio-emotional problems through the PEERS® (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills) Clinic at University of California – Los Angeles. She is the mother of an adult son and maintains a zest for lifelong learning. When she’s not helping others, Lawna is gardening, catering to her four-legged friends, or simply basking in the beauty of the nature around her.