Express Yo’ Self

What is it? Immerse yourself in the world of abstract artist with intuitive painter Lawna Gamble . In this quirky three-part course, you’ll not only learn how to observe the world around you and tap into your creative intuition, but also how to take a brave, curious and open-minded approach to painting with acrylics.

Week 1 – Your journey begins by creating an inspiration toolbox. Take a walk with Lawna to gather real-world imagery that you will translate into motifs. Lawna shares her process along the way, discussing what inspires her and captures her attention in the world around her, and how she draws from those images to create color palettes, shapes and compositions once she’s back in the studio. The studies that you will create will be used in the following classes to create your painting.

Week 2 – Learn how Lawna uses traditional brushes, non-traditional tools and even fingers to build a markings in her paintings. She demonstrates techniques you can use to produce a range of expressive markings, from bold to delicate. This class is all about exploring how paint and movement work together to create a figurative dance all its own.

Week 3 – Working on a large canvas, learn how Lawna builds layers to create the finished painting. You’ll pull from the studies you created in Part 1 and the markings you created in Part 2, strengthening your creative intuition and learning how to respond to previous layers as you build your painting. As you hone in on the final piece, Lawna demonstrates how to preserve moments within a painting and obscure marks to create a cohesive and successful masterpiece.

Who is this for? Any adult who is curious or looking for a very different therapeutic outlet.

When does it take place?

Week 1 March 19 11-1 PM
Week 2 March 26 11-1 PM
Week 3 April 2 11-1 PM

Week 1 April 16 11-1 PM
Week 2 April 15 11-1 PM
Week 3 April 22 11-1 PM

What does it cost?

Total cost is $325 which is paid in full at the time of registration. Choose Round 1 or Round 2. Includes 30×30 canvas, selected paints and brushes, 1-2hr open studio time to complete independently, supply list.