Did you know...

being creative is an anti-depressant?

Did you know...

art-making will help alleviate symptoms associated with mental illness?

Did you know...

a mentally unwell person needs artistic expression even more than those who are well?

Did you know...

creative expression has been successful for centuries in helping regulate human emotions?

Did you know...

being mentally healthy, also includes enjoying some creativity through whatever art form we find pleasing?

Did you know...

making art raises dopamine a.k.a. the ‘happy hormone’?

Bend without breaking. Flourish through creative healing.

Weaving Art Into Wellness

Willow Cove Art and Wellness is a healing sanctuary located in Cleveland’s historic Larchmere neighborhood. Our services focus on personal growth & transformation through the integration of psychotherapy, self-authorship, and arts expression. Our holistic approach to well-being is grounded in these core beliefs: (1) art is good for our health, (2) no prescription is required to receive the emotional boost by being creative, and (3) an artful life makes for a happier existence.


Services we offer

Arts Expression

Improve your mental and emotional health through making art. No art skills required.

Emotional Support Coaching

Individuals and couples can Improve their emotional wellness by talking with a professional in a cozy and inviting environment.

Willow Cove Guesthouse

Perfect for a weekend getaway, medical respite, or long-term stay.

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